Men’s tattoos – the price of the question

At first glance, a professional studio tattoo may seem like an expensive treat. However, do not forget that the tattoo is not just a few painted […]

Men’s Tattoos

Men’s tattoos are symbolism. Classic male tattoos can be considered Gothic, Biker and Celtic tattoos. Constant demand for representatives of the stronger sex enjoy images of dragons […]

New year and new tattoos

In the past few years, black and white styles are increasingly gaining it’s popularity: mandalas, graphics, artwork, ornaments. Always relevant are tattoos made by a professional […]

Piercing beauty

Our Shop offers different variety of piercing jewelry for all tastes. Our professional crew will help you to pick the right jewelry for you or your […]

Color tattoos

Color tattoos allow artist for more creative expression. When choosing a pattern, you must pay attention to the compatibility of colors, it is better to give preference […]

Chandelier drop tattoo design

For the past few years new tattoo trend called Chandelier drop tattoo became versatile. These tattoos have a mandala type with drop off lace structure, and […]

Inspiration ideas for your tattoo

When you’re thinking of getting tattoo, you need to get some inspiring ideas. Most people have it in mind, but not sure how to express. Our […]

Tattoo styles

Our great tattoo artists offer different tattoo styles. We specialize in Realism, Watercolor, Traditional, Tribal, New School, Blackwork, Neo Traditional, Japanese. When You are ready to […]

The DC Tattoo Expo

We would like to announce about our  participation at DC Tattoo Arts Expo IN January 2018 01/12-01/14. Please stop by our Sins & needles booth, and […]